Magazine of classic women’s style, natural materials, and film photography. Sewing pattern style articles based upon those in old fashion magazines. Additional articles on materials, outfitting, furnishing, and care for the home and wardrobe.

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Classic style

Earthy defines classic style as something that would look good at almost any time in the last century and that has some precedent going back almost as far. A traditional and understated aesthetic tends to be the focus. Durability, longevity, ability to patina, and handmade touches are valued.

Natural materials

Items made in the Earthy workshop, and also those selected that are made by others, use only high-grade natural materials. You will find wool, cotton, linen, silk, leather, mother-of-pearl, buffalo horn, and rubber. This extends also to the construction techniques, where only sewn, nonfused, floating interfacing or interlining of natural fibers is used instead of fusing.

Film photography

Earthy is founded by a photographer. As the only true medium for photography, all of the pictures are recorded on film. The approach to the pictures and art direction is also based partly on the type of fashion photography done in the 1930s–80s, the era of mechanical cameras.


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